Global re-launch of COMMODORE by TULIP COMPUTERS N.V

Date 14-Jul-2003 11:21:54
Topic: News

This maybe old news, but still worth a mention:

Tulip will receive a license fee for all Commodore C64 products delivered by Ironstone, installed on all computer brands using the Microsoft or any other operating system and all Commodore 64 branded products. In addition, Tulip will receive a license fee over the revenue from software downloads, subscriptions and advertising.

Even today there is still an extensive group of about 6 million loyal Commodore users and enthusiasts around the world. This community is currently spread over hundreds of unofficial websites. The community craves acknowledgement and authenticity from the true Commodore C64 brand. Tulip is the owner of the brand name Commodore. Through this partnership Tulip grants to Ironstone the exclusive rights to exploit the official Commodore C64 web-portal and use of the Commodore 64 brand name.

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