VideoClipper v1.1 released - Adds ability to add sub-title and audio file.

Date 31-Jan-2013 14:35:55
Topic: software OS4

VideoClipper v1.1 adds several new feature including the ability to add
a subtitle and/or audio file to the joined videos. In addition, it now support
automatically reading and entering the Start and End times directly from
MPlayer (via Arexx) with a click of a button or press of a key. Many other
features bug fixes and user request have been implemented. See change
list below for full details. Get it at OS4Depot:

VideoClipper is a program that allows for easy cutting / converting and
joining of video files while applying simple effects (ie. blur, gamma).
Subtitles and Audio can also be added the resulting video.

Click REAM MORE for additional info:

Changes for version 1.1:
Added buttons to read start time and end times directly from MPlayer.
Added abilty to add an audio file after videos are joined.
Added ability to add a subtitle file after videos are joined.
Added ability to view information about the selected file in the "Video Files List".
Added display of cut file names to Video Files List.
Added horizontal lines to video and effects lists to improve readability.
Added LIST_ROWS tooltype to set number of rows for title/video lists.
(Valid range limited by program. 11 minimum, 25 maximum).
Added 'Audio Files' and 'Title Files' directories. Includes example files.
Changed help to run asycroniously. Thanks to AmigaGuide class provided by Trixie!
Amiga keyboard, "Help" key (scroll lock) opens VideoClipper guide help.
Changed to quit and re-start MPlayer if already running when 'Preview' or 'Play' clicked.
Tweaked video resolution and bitrate setting to support popular settings.
(May cause saved projects to recall video settings improperly. Check setting and re-save.)
Added profiles to create YouTube compliant videos. (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)
Added 16:9 aspect ration DRAFT profile.
Added snapshot video options when mplayer is started. Ensures frame save works.
Changed so display does not beep when TAB or Enter are used in time entry fields.
Updated and enhanced the
Enhanced some gadget hints.
Added workaround for 'Save Frame' when paused bug in MUIMPLayer.
Fixed bug that prevented End Time key ']' from working all the time.
Fixed bug where changing playback speed did work after playing a second file.
Fixed bug with loading projects who's video filenames contained spaces.
Fixed bug with speeding up and slowing down playback with older MPlayer.
Fixed bug with identifying version of MPlayer.

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