Official AmigaOS Plush Boingball

Date 3-Feb-2013 12:35:05
Topic: Announcement

3 February 2013

Hyperion Entertainment and Costel Mincea are proud to present the official
AmigaOS Plush Boingball with immediate availability to all friends, users and
fans of AmigaOS.

Every official AmigaOS Plush Boingball is ca 15cm in diameter and exclusively
crafted by hand by a famous german plush article manufacturer. An enclosed
certificate proves this and makes each plush Boingball absolutely unique.

The exclusive production in Germany ensures that the washable AmigaOS Plush
Boingballs are free of any toxins and thus toddler-safe without limitation.

Wether as decorative detail on the desk or as cuddly toy for every budding
Amigan, the official AmigaOS Plush Boingball is qualified for every age and
should not be missing in any household.

The high quality, handcrafted AmigaOS Plush Boingball is at present exclusively
available from Alinea Computer for an attractive price of EUR19,95 incl. VAT:

(Please address dealer inquiries to: info _AT_ stackswap _DOT_ net)

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