INDIEGO! An AROS driven Gaming Console for classic and NexGen gamers

Date 6-Feb-2013 16:47:33
Topic: hardware Classic

Please have a look at our funding campaign:

INDIEGO! Funding campaign on

Should "hopefully" explain the idea : )

Click READ MORE for additional info:

Jason McMullan worked and is still working hard to enhance AROS m68k and the emulation side. Fabio Falcucci is proving again the flexibility of the Hollywood language.

We will keep you informed on the project page.
Help us to bring the Amiga spirit back to the living rooms.

The device will come for sure! So far we are/were in talk with Amiga dealers and PC-systemsellers. Today i should get two possible packaging design (if the UPS guy makes it through the "snow mud chaos")

First Beta devices can be shipped end of march in a fist comes first way.

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