Results of the Amiga Games Award 2012

Date 6-Feb-2013 22:01:13
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On February 6th 2012, the magazine Obligement have announced the results of the Amiga Games Award 2012. This represents the best Amiga games voted by amigans on all Amiga platforms.

For AmigaOS 68k :

1. Sqrxz (Retroguru)
2. Sqrxz 2 (Retroguru)
3. Super Sprint (State Of The Art, Philippe Guichardon)

For AmigaOS 4.x

1. Hurrican (Poke53280)
2. Tap Jewels (AmiBoing)
3. Ask Me Up (Boing Attitude :))

For MorphOS

1. Hurrican (Poke53280)
2. Ask Me Up (Boing Attitude :))
3. Uplink: Trust Is A Weakness (Introversion Software)


1. Return To Castle Wolfenstein (ID Software, Gray Matter Interactive, Nerve Software)
2. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Splash Damage, Id Software)
3. Warezone 2100 (Pumpkin Studios, Warzone Resurection Project)

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