AmiDARK Engine Rel 0.8 for AmigaOS4

Date 7-Feb-2013 23:05:51
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Here is the update 0.8 for the 2D version of the AmiDARK Engine. As usual, it contains the 3D engine in its actual development state.

This update is a major update for two reasons.
The first of all is that it contains many bug fixes and improvement in the main engine and, secondly because it's the start of the development of the "plug-in system" that will be integrated in the AmiDARK Engine to support futures Add-ons to the main engine.

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And this 1st plug-in is called "FX2D".
This plug-in contains some sort of raster effect to increase graphics experience in video games created with the help of the AmiDARK Engine.

Here is the list of all news concerning this update :

- Updated makefile.aos4 files to compile correctly with latest changes.
- Added missing Makefile.aos4 files so all samples can be compiled on AmigaOS4 with these makefile.
- Removed gstabs and wall flags from all Makefile.aos4 so, compiled demonstration should run faster.
- Updated "default project" files to work with the latest changes.
- Updated HELP "Using The Language" to work with the latest changes.

- Removed some old print debug outputs and replaced them with the default DebugMessage function.
- Added more commands and functions documentation. Nearly all commands and functions are now documented.
- Added a new *special* command set called FX2D that does not exist in DarkBASIC Professional. It will contain various 2D effects.
- Status of FX2D additional command set is not yet defined. It will be a separate plug-in or maybe integrated in the main engine core. Not yet decided.
- Fixed display sizes that were 1 pixel less than sizes specified in DESetDisplayMode command.

- Fixed a bug that prevented DEInk to be used for text outputs.

- Added internal support for Anisotropic filtering.
- Modified DESetObjectFilter, when activating Anisotropic filtering, that function can't set extra value so, it will be set to 1 per default.
- Added function DESetObjectFilterEx function to handle Anisotropic on/off and extra value for anisotropic filtering value.
- Warning : These DESetObjectFilter(Ex) functions is available, but it will not work until both Warp3D and MiniGL will include changes to handle Anisotropic filtering.

- Added support for FX2D Fake Raster special effect in the Synchro refresh process.
- Fixed DEPrint function now correctly handle font height for horizontal alignment drawing.

- Added commands FXCreateFakeRaster, FXCreateFakeRasterEx and FXCreateFakeRasterEx2.
- Added commands FXDeleteRaster and FXUpdateRaster.
- Added commands FXSetRasterLine, FXSetRasterGradient and function FXGetRasterLine.
- Added commands FXSetRasterFromMemblock and FXMakeMemblockFromRaster.
- Added command FXSetRasterY and function FXGetRasterY.
- Added functions FXRasterExist and FXGetRasterHeight.
- Added commands FXHideRaster, FXShowRaster and function FXIsRasterHidden.
- Added commands FXEnableRasters, FXDisableRasters and function FXIsRasterDisabled.
- Added function FXIsRasterUpdated.
- Added commands DEFxImageRastered, DEFxImageRasteredEx, DEFxStretchedImageRastered and DEFXStretchedImageRasteredEx
- Added internal function to display rasters on screen.
- Added internal function to display raster within an image.
- Added 2 demonstrations samples to show the use of FXRaster commands.
- Added 1 technical demonstration with FX raster and some other stuffs.

- Added support for rasterized images in the refresh process.
- Fixed a bug preventing image from using linear filtering.

- Fixed sprite backdrop restore process.

- Added 2 special commands : DERefreshDoubleBufferOn and DERefreshDoubleBufferOff.

- Now text output uses color from DEInk command.
- Fixed font size support.

- DEPlaySound command does not output any audio.
- FXRaster effects don't work in full screen.

You can download the demonstration version here :

You can follow the project progress with the mini development diary here :

Don't forget that the AmiDARK Engine is a project developed entirely from scratch. That means that nothing came from any existing development tool.
That also means that the full project is a huge amount of work (the full engine source code takes > 1.6Mbytes).
And, if you want to support the project and help the "stand alone" developer under the project, don't forget that you can make a donation (even a small one) here :
Be sure that your donation will be used for the project (motivate the developer for further development, acquiring media for the project and technical demonstrations).

I hope you'll enjoy this update
Kindest Regards,

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