New version 1.3 of AmiCygnix released

Date 8-Feb-2013 22:26:28
Topic: software OS4

The two base packages "AmiCygnix-Base" and "AmiCygnix-Tools" are now available
in the version 1.3.

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New in AmiCygnix-Base:
  • A new display driver, which opens its display on a separate screen. It is
    an enhanced version of the driver "picasso96clonewb", but offers a better

  • The X server did not supported dead keys. Has been resolved.

  • Keyboard layouts that do not conform to ISO-8859-1 standard (eg Polish or
    Greek keyboards) are now better supported.

  • The preferences programs "myX11Setup" and "myX11SetupLight" were revised and
    an Italian and a Swedish catalog has been added.

  • Some programs had problems with file names containing umlauts. Has been
    largely eliminated.

  • It was reported, that some systems freezed while opening the X server dis-
    play. The bug is fixed now.

  • New in AmiCygnix-Tools:
  • GTK+ programs were relinked to solve above mentioned keyboard problems.

  • The picture viewer "GPicView" can now display pictures in SVG and XCF (Gimp)

  • The PDF viewer "Xpdf" could not be launched, if the "Quick Transfer" mode
    was enabled. This is fixed now.

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