Date 17-Feb-2013 21:59:00
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I thought this excellent news was worth sharing.

Alastair Robinson has announced that he has released an updated Minimig core for the Chameleon 64 which allows users to use the actual C64 joystick ports (up until now you either used an IR CDTV controller or the docking port) and hopefully the keyboard in the near future (as opposed to a PS2 keyboard plugged into the Chameleon):

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With massive thanks to Peter Wendrich for the chameleon_io component, which allows FPGA designs to read the C64 keyboard and joystick, I've just made a new release of the Minimig core available:

The keyboard doesn't do anything yet, but the C64 joystick ports can now be used to play Amiga games.

(Note that there may be some occasional SD card access bugs in this version - I still have to do some more testing and verification.)

All the best
Alastair M. Robinson

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