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New NetDock 50.2, AttachMail 1.1, SysMon 2.8 and FastCompress 1.4 released

Date 24-Feb-2013 15:37:10
Topic: software OS4

Hi all,
I have just uploaded 4 new versions of SysMon, FastCompress, NetDock and AttachMail.
Thank you for feedbacks and suggestions if you use it...

FastCompress 1.4
Compress file(s) by contextual menu (RMB)

-Archive file name takes the name of the biggest file or drawer compressed
(minus final extension) (like on Windows).
If it's impossible (if the file still exist), the name determination fallback to the old method

-Add of Ringhio notifications when archive is finished, cancelled or if no files
are selected.
Thank you Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for the notification picture.

-Integration of Chris Young "fitr" tool tags in the ContextualMenu ("BEGIN
FastCompress" and "END FastCompress") to simplify the installation for the next
release. Thank you Chris.

Archive of FastCompress

SysMon 2.8
MUI little system monitor

-Add of Ringhio notifications
Thank you Tony 'Sinisrus' Canazza for the notification picture.

-Add of Bubble Help to various IDETool gadget.
Thank you Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the suggestion

Archive of SysMon

NetDock 50.2
Docky to monitor your network activity

-Add of AmiUpdate support (operating in the next release)
Thank you CentaurZ for the help

-Miniaturisation and review of the display
Grab of new NetDock
Thank you Alexandre 'Alex' Balaban for the suggestion

-Add of 3 more ToolTypes to show or hide the 3 vertical bars

Archive of NetDock

AttachMail 1.1
Add file(s) to mail by contextual menu (RMB)

-Add of Ringhio Notification when AttachMail add files to a mail.

-Integration of Chris Young "fitr" tool tags in the ContextualMenu ("BEGIN
AttachMail" and "END AttachMail") to simplify the installation for the next
release (if a next release...). Thank you Chris.

Archive of AttachMail


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