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Date 1-Mar-2013 20:44:14
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The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( ) during the last two months :

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- January/February 2013 news.
- Old articles from A-News 21 to 24: Report: CeBIT 90, Interview with Jean-Michel Forgeas, Hardware: VESone, Review of Voyageurs Du temps, Review of Bars & Pipes 1.0d, Hardware: Hurricane 2800 Mk2, Review of Deluxe Video 3, Hardware: Digi-View 4.0, File: Tripos, etc.
- Interview with Jacek Piszczek (MorphOS developer).
- Interview with Richard Costello (programer of Mortal Kombat).
- Interview with Katalin Ogren (actor in Mortal Kombat 2).
- Hardware: Retro Joystick Adapter 2.0.
- Hardware: ACA 620EC.
- Review of FS-UAE 2.1.23.
- Review of Roadshow 1.5 68k.
- Review of Erik.
- Review of Gobliins 2.
- Review of Screen Switching Done Right.
- Review of Smash.
- File: Amiga shoot 'em ups (1995-1999).
- File: the Amiga games list (update).
- Tutorial: prepare of a CF card/hard drive on WinUAE to install AmigaOS 3.x.
- Tutorial: connect a RGB source on a 1084S monitor.
- Tutorial: installation of Geek Gadgets on AmigaOS 3.x.
- Special quizz about main events in 2012 on Amiga.

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