Dir Me up 1.30 available

Date 14-Mar-2013 23:15:55
Topic: software OS4

Dir Me Up 1.30 available on AmigaOS 4.1.

Dir Me Up 1.30 is now available for AmigaOS 4.1 computers.

Dir Me Up a software to explore and manipulate files, links and drawers of your Amiga.

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Features list of the update 1.30
- Added icons in the list of volumes and files (ability to display true icons).
- Drag'n'drop possible from the Workbench to make copies of drawers/files.
- Selection is possible with the "up"/"down" arrows and "home"/"end" keys, with "Shift" key pressed or not.
- Positioning in the list is possible by typing the first letter of a file.
- The preview area becomes persistent and goes 16:9 (more suitable for pictures).
- Added preview icons.
- Software translated into Italian and German.
- ...

A tutorial is now available online

More details on our website.

You can download a demo allowing (only) browsing
here or there.

Dir Me Up, improve your Amiga!

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