Amiga Future monthly News March 2013

Date 30-Mar-2013 20:30:44
Topic: News

Since the March 1st we publish only monthly updates on the Amiga Future website news pages.
On our own news page you will of course find the news daily.

6. März 2013 Amiga Future Heftindex Update
The Amiga Future Issue index was brought back to the state today.
In this database you will find all the articles of the Amiga Future issue.

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13. March 2013 New C64 Full Versions Online
The download area of the Amiga Future homepage has been updated again.
There are more as 100 new C64 full versions online.

14. March 2013 Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko
Some days ago we talk with Petro Tyschtschenko. This small Interview can you now read on the Amiga Future Webpage.

23. März 2013 Workshop Einsteig in MorphOS
Cem Göktas has published a workshop on for introduction to MorphOS.
you can now find the first three parts of the workshop in the article database of Amiga Future.

24. March 2013 AmigaFD Inside CD online
The CD-ROM AmigaFD Inside are now on the Amiga Future Webpage available.
And some other Files are uploaded and updated in the Amiga Future Download-Database.

27. March 2013 PD Serie Purity online
Since today the PD series Purity is available for free download in the download area of the Amiga Future Webpage. Unfortunately we are missing one disk. If someone owns the disk Purity # 46 he should feel free to contact us.

28. March 2013 cheats database Update
The cheats database of Amiga Future is updates weekly by David Jahn, even at first sight if it is not immediately apparent. This is probably also due to the changes do not show up do not update the list of cheat codes database. In the last two weeks, many functions were checked for example by Genetic Species, Ghostbusters 2, Ghost n Goblins, Ghost Runner, Ghouls´n Ghosts, Glassback 2, Global Gladiators and many others. In addition, new downloads were linked (those full versions, in the meantime online) and in the meantime noticed errors (wrong game name), incorrect entries, spelling, ect. fixed or eliminated. The cheat database on the Amiga Future webpage is probably the biggest German collection for the Amiga. This is not just about cheats. Many solutions, tips and tricks, as well as Freezer addresses can be found in this collection. Meanwhile you can find 3420 Games Cheats and solutions in the database, and there is always more. The database is currently completely in German. If we receive enough donations
for the website, we have planned to integrate a proper online database, which will also be available in English.

29. March 2013
Happy Easter
The Amiga Future team wishes you all a happy and blessed Easter.
Enjoy the holidays and turn off your Amiga for a few hours to enjoy the time with the family.
Although if the weather currently does not really fit for Easter;)

Amiga Future needs reinforcement

We want to bring you many other full versions on the Amiga Future webpage for free. We are therefore looking to contact copyright holders of commercial and shareware software Amiga. Who knows someone? We are looking for users who are trying specifically to get in contact with rights holders to get permission to publish the full versions.

And that's it again for the month March. For April 2013 there are a lot of updates already prepared.

Andreas Magerl
Amiga Future

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