Reggae Update 3.1.7 for MorphOS

Date 3-Apr-2013 1:49:12
Topic: software MorphOS

An update package 3.1.7 for MorphOS multimedia framework Reggae has been released today. Two most important new features are:
- Read access to the system clipboard. Reggae can now read data and decode images and sounds directly from clips, in system conforming manner.
- Audio merging filter for gapless playback. With this filter an audio player featuring gapless playback may be built easily and in fact one is planned to be released this week with source code as an example for programmers.

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There are also numerous small improvements and bug fixes (changelog included in the package), as well as updated developer material. Update may be installed automatically with Grunch, or downloaded from MorphOS Files. It may be installed on clean MorphOS 3.1 or over any previous 3.1.x update.

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