FastView 1.0, SysMon 3.0, FastCompress 1.6, NetDock 50.4 & AttachMail 1.3

Date 16-Apr-2013 2:36:47
Topic: software OS4

Hi all,
I have just uploaded a new program, FastView and minor updates of my other tools SysMon, FastCompress, NetDock and AttachMail on OS4Depot.

Thank you for feedbacks and suggestions if you use it...

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FastView 1.0

is a MUI program who allows you to show your pictures by selecting files or
drawer with right mouse button or by drag'n drop.
Thank to datatype, FastView selects only files that are showables.

FastView showing a thumbnail and the screen-scaled picture

FastView has scanned my whole System: volume and has found 8413 pictures in 50 seconds

FastView allows :

-to view thumbnail or screen-scaled pictures (by pressing enter or
double-click on the selected element)

-show GIF, JPG, PNG (including alpha layered) or the several tbimages: files...

-by contextual menu or like a standard program (by adding files by drag'n drop)

-to navigate from picture to picture (prev<->next)

-to delete pictures after have show the thumbnail

-show basic characteristics of pictures (like size, depth...)

-open the drawer where pictures resides for further actions

-to stop the scan of pictures by option "Stop"

FastView is successfully tested with IFF, JPG, PNG (with or without alpha
channel) pictures, even with picture in tbimages drawer.
If you have a problem with a picture, please say me what kind of picture you are
trying to show.

Thanks to :

-Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt for all the icons and the german translation

-Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the italian translation

-Mathias 'Corto' Parnaudeau for his tutorials about Datatype and MUI on

-Alain Thellier and Thore B÷ckelmann for their advices on forums

-Chris to allow me to include "fitr" to ease contextual menu integration

-And, you, for your feedbacks

If you encounter some problems, please, first check that in your Prefs/Dos you
have :
-File handle buffer size >= 32KB
-Process stack size >= 64KB.

FastView archive

And some bugfixes on my others programs :

SysMon 3.0

SysMon archive

FastCompress 1.6

FastCompress archive

NetDock 50.4

NetDock archive

AttachMail 1.3

AttachMail archive

Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel

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