History of the Amiga part 8: Demoscene

Date 29-Apr-2013 23:03:43
Topic: Miscellaneous News


Part 8, or 8.5, or 9, depending on how youíre counting, has been posted at Ars Technica!

In this instalment, I look at the demoscene, the amazingly creative group of people who made demos on the Amiga (and later the PC), held demoparties, and pushed forward the limits of graphics and the imagination.

Reaction to the article has been very positive:

"This article gave me chills. Excellent, excellent writing." - generic_1013

"Thanks author, Iím loving this series even though I just found out that it existed. Hereís hoping that it wonít take so long for the next instalment." - secretknight42

"Awesome article and I got a mention in it too -- woot!" - MrNSX

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