Paula Agnus Denise and Immortal 4: Amiga music for you!

Date 8-May-2013 15:59:39
Topic: Internet News

Dear Amiga fans,

We had the opportunity to add the Paula Agnus Denise music CD to our products, so we did! Translated into today's studio recordings, this compilation celebrates the catchy melodies of legendary Amiga games: Shadow of the Beast, Pinball Dreams, Turrican 2, Alien Breed, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2...

And while we are at it, we also added the Immortal 4 double-CD. It features no less than 35 newly arranged songs (about 158 minutes) of Amiga videogame music: Lemmings, Gauntlet 3, Flashback... (Please click read more)

Paula Agnus Denise on ACube shop

Immortal 4 double CD on ACube shop

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