Amedia Computer France Opening ;)

Date 15-May-2013 18:06:02
Topic: Announcement

Hi everybody,

We are pleased to announce you that my friend Lionel ('Braver') and I have opened our new computer shop in France (in the Eastern part of the country.)

We'll provide some Amiga classic spare sparts like accelerator cards, keyrah v2 adapter, HXC SD floppy emulator, joysticks, mouse, Amiga OS 3.9 CDRom, Sam 460EX 1,1GHz (motherboard or full configurations), Minimig's board and accessories ;)

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We'll be able to send products all over the world.

You can find HERE our opening promotions!

You can also get the promotions in english :
Super Minimig V3
Sam Advance

Thanks in advance for your support ;)
Lionel aka Braver and Laurent aka Faranheit
Amedia Computer France
69, Avenue de la Libération
F-57530 Courcelles-Chaussy
Phone : (+33) 7 71 10 72 22
Fax : (+33) 3 87 57 07 21
Mail : or

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