AmiKit for Real Amiga v.0.3 Released

Date 17-May-2013 21:39:16
Topic: News

We are happy to announce the release of the so awaited update for Real AmiKit version. Full and update v0.3 archives are available for download for free at:

New features include more applications and memory card support. Now you can use AmiDock or AmiStart for launching your applications, stream music with AmiNetRadio or use compact flash cards to transfer your data. New wallpapers were added as well. Enjoy!

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In the first place you will find a nice and easy to use update installer which delivers the following:

- AmiDock re-positioned, so it will seem transparent. It will let you use more space on the screen, and if you use Workbench2000 you will see also (full instructions in the package) that you can “put away” AmiDock and as the WB2000 taskbar disappears, you will have more desktop space.
- New AmiDock icon on the Workbench2000 bar.
- AmiNetRadio installed and working without FPU.
- AmiStart installed and working without FPU or RTG. A very powerful and fast Amiga is required though, or you can use it under emulation. Try it!
- General PCMCIA support; DH0 and Fat95, so most of the cards should work.
- More wallpapers and a new 256 colors drawer.
- New bootpics to choose.
- Changed the top bar text to "".
- Changed position-info for Magellan icons
- FreeWheel running from the WBStartup now. Run Exchange commodity to configure it.
- HippoPlayer running with BlurScope as a new option on Workbench2000 bar. BlurScope is an external player, so before now you had to open first HiP and then search for the Scope... Now they work together, and are living on Worbench2000 bar. Click and the show begins...
- IconLib 46.4.284 by Peter Keunecke.

And... Chewaka's voice for WookieChat on AmiDock was added!

Thanks a lot to Thomas and PeterK for their continuous support.


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