FastView 1.2, SysMon 3.2, FastCompress 1.8 & NetDock 50.6

Date 22-May-2013 16:05:56
Topic: software OS4

Hi all,
I have just uploaded updates of my programs FastView, SysMon and minor updates of FastCompress and NetDock on OS4Depot.
Thank you for feedback and suggestions if you use it...

FastView 1.2

-add of possibility to double-click on the thumbnail picture to open it in real size.
thanks to Thore 'tboeckel' Boeckelmann for all MUI advices.

-add of possibility to single-click on the thumbnail picture to open it in screen size.

-add of bubble help to explain each interface elements. (Please click read more.)

-add the possibility to switch between screen scaled size and real size with space bar when in big sized picture mode

-bug fix

-add of Spanish translation thanks to Javier De Las Rivas

-add of Dutch translation thank to 'Johan' Banis

FastView on OS4Depot

SysMon 3.2

Picture of SDLbench in SysMon 3.2

-add of a nice looking banner thank to Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt

-add of a comparison frame in RageMem benchmark
Thanks to Luigo 'tlosm' Burdo and Samir 'Samo79' Hawamdeh for the suggestions and all the tests.

-add of SDLbench benchmark in Benchmark tab with comparison frame.
This benchmark calls SDLbench program wrote by Matthew J. Gelhaus and ported
on AmigaOS4 by Spot / Up (thank you for this port)

Theses SDLbench results are taken from Italian and French websites

They are stored in a text file in Data/SLbench/SysMon_SDLbench_Results.txt
who can be manually edited (SysMon_SDLbench_Results.ORIG.txt in the same drawer is a backup)

Number of saved configurations is limited to 40.

Thanks to italians and french Amigans of and for all these benchmarks.

-inclusion of wget 1.12rev2 in Data/wget drawer to avoid the need to download it.
Removal of WANIP_WGET_PATH tooltype
Thank you Diego 'diegocr' Casorran for this port.

SysMon on OS4Depot

FastCompress 1.8

Picture of FastLHA 1.8

-add of a nice looking banner thanks to Thomas 'TommySammy' Blatt

-add of Dutch translation thanks to 'Johan' Banis

FastCompress on OS4Depot

NetDock 50.6

-add of a tooltype to remove the interface name as title.
no title for the Docky

Suggestion of Frank 'Cara' Tully

-fix of AmiUpdate function.
Thanks to Alex 'abalaban' Balaban

NetDock on OS4Depot

Thank you for feedback
Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel

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