Age of Thieves - first release!

Date 31-May-2013 22:57:20
Topic: software OS4

Based on my experience from coding previous games, supported by ChrisH, I decided to start coding a really big project - Carcassonne board game - Amiga OS4 implementation. From the start I wanted to create the best Carcassonne version, with a simple interface, but without compromising any planned features. Now Amiga users can judge if the game will be promising enough and worth continued work on it.

Before play you should do some internet research and learn something about the Carcassonne game.


This first version already has the game engine implemented and a basic set of rules. In this release of the engine, only single player mode works, with a special rule set developed for this release by me called Rules of Monks. This is the first step to later create a multi-player mode with an A.I. engine.

Here is screenshot demonstrating the game graphics which I have created:

With a little effort (described in the manual) you can replace them with the original board graphics (beloved by players). These are not included because of possible copyright issues.

Here is screenshot with this theme:

Now I need users' opinion about the selected game ideas, comments or perhaps a small paypal donation to give me the strength to continue working on the multi-player mode with an A.I... I hope so users will be like this game...

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