CygnusED available as a download version

Date 30-May-2013 14:39:27
Topic: Software News

Since today CygnusED 5 is available in the online shop of APC & TCP at a discounted price. Of course CygnusED will continue as usual to be available on CD.

CygnusED is the most famous text editor for the Amiga.

The program was developed 25 years ago (1986/1987) by Bruce Dawson, Colin Fox & Steve LaRocque (CygnusSoft software) and originally appeared as a self-distribution.

Olaf Barthel developed the program continuously and for some time the version 5 is available.

Obtain detailed information on their support page at the URL

But not only CygnusED is now available as a download version. Other products from APC & TCP such as Roadshow, Data Workbench, Gunbee, Marblelous and others are also available as a download version.

Furthermore, PDFs of sellout Amiga Future issues are available from the online shop.

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