WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 8

Date 16-Jul-2003 21:09:16
Topic: Software News

Bugs fixed:

- stuck joypad POV directional controller
- joystick keyboard layout B and C second firebutton
- workaround for buggy sound driver (ISA SB16, maybe others)
that report zero as minimum and maximum supported sample rate
- possible crash when copying to virtual filesystem's root

- CD32 media change detection
- extended ADF write protection check
- extended ADF HD floppy support
- fast copper works again + config file support
- JIT FPU fix (Descent Freespace -demo)
- 57600 serial bit rate was incorrectly rounded to 56000
- ~2.8GHz+ CPU clock rate calculation overflow

New features:

- all configuration file loading restrictions removed,
load new configuration file at any time!
- display width, height, depth, lores, doubling, correct aspect
can be changed on the fly
- bsdsocket.library updates
- Picasso96 emulation optimizations
- improved audio emulation
(Mortville Manor, Maupiti Island speech and Fighting Soccer)
- AHI driver update
- improved and more compatible CD32 pad emulation
- improved CD32 CD autodetection
- sound capture to wav-file
- Direct3D hardware filtering and scaling
- more configurable source tree, added very simple way
to disable features like AGA, JIT, bsdsocket, Picasso96,
harddisk, 68020+ etc..
- separate basic A500-only WinUAE executable included (winuae_mini.exe)
- quick state save (SHIFT/CTRL + END + numpad 0-9) and restore support (END + numpad 0-9)

and more..


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