AresOne (model 2013) available

Date 23-Jun-2013 16:01:25
Topic: hardware AROS

The AresOne (model 2013) is available at

As usual, it is an AROS (native) compatible hardware.
Additionally it comes with AMC and an AEROS live-installer pendrive.

Everything above my self-costs will be used for AROS bounties and or projects.

Developers can ask for discounts. German people can ask for a monthly payment (only possible form 1k , 36,60 or 80 month are possible).

What is the AresOne? Click READ MORE for details:

The AresOne 2013, just like its predecessors AresOne, AresOne 2010, and AresOne 2011, is a complete PC system specifically assembled to be used with AROS. The hardware components were selected to get the most out of the current AROS version, and to be ready for future improvements. The AresOne 2013 is suitable for Amiga enthusiasts and experienced users, it is not intended for the average Windows user (please keep in mind that AROS, albeit progressing nicely, is still in development).

To fill the gap (missing applications) we introduced AEROS a Linux and AROS Distribution at the same time.

It allows you to run any Linux application, read any filesystem Linux can do, gives you the same security as Linux does and still has the Workbench like experience we are used too...

At the same time AROS application can additionally use LInux code to offer additional features or better performance compared to native libraries.

I call it "the world's most advanced desktop operating system." : p

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