New EasyNet Update Available

Date 24-Jun-2013 20:03:55
Topic: software Classic

EasyNet, the networking software for Classic Amiga computers has now been updated.

New features include:

- support for WPA in the wireless settings: ideal for Neil Cafferkey's prism2v2 driver
- you can now change wireless networks on the fly without going offline then online again.
- wireless networks can be now temporarily be used and not permanently saved
- fixed bug for NTSC users running 640x200 screen mode
- fixed bug in Connect to SMB share list window
- fixed bugs in the Live Update function, window and progress bar
- various internal changes ready for new wireless functions under development

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The update build 175 is now available from the Live Update server and also on our web store here

This update is only for customers who have previously purchased EasyNet from us. We will need your EasyNet serial number when ordering the update (found in EasyNet's About menu)

We would like to thank users for their patience with this update, various other projects delayed EasyNet from being developed, however a series of new functions are now planned for the next year.

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