Lua Explorador 0.4 for MorphOS

Date 27-Jun-2013 21:16:29
Topic: software MorphOS

LuaExplorador is a valuable tool for programmers writing programs in Lua on MorphOS.

The MorphOS version of Lua integrates well with the system, featuring dynamic modules as standard shared libraries and support of ARexx ports of applications. Lua Explorador is a source level debugger for Lua scripts.

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Version 0.4 adds breakpoints to the single step execution known from the previous version. Breakpoints are set and cleared directly in the code viewer with a mouse click.

The code viewer has been also improved, now it displays tabs properly and automatically scrolls to the currently executed line of code. The debugger also shows all local and global variables, call history, Lua stack and memory consumption.

LuaExplorador can be downloaded from MorphOS Files repository.

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