FPGA Arcade is on sale

Date 28-Jun-2013 21:17:22
Topic: Hardware News

Amiganews.it site reports that FPGA Arcade motherboard is now on sale.

FPGA Arcade is a multipurpose emulator motherboard based on FPGA chips, capable to emulate Amiga and Atari machines.


Price is 199Euro for the version without composite/SVHS output, 229Euro with.

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Replay features :
- Very large FPGA with high IO pin count for expansion
- 64 MByte of DDR memory
- Six layer PCB for high performance and stability
- 24 bit HD DAC with DVI / HDMI / VGA and legacy 15K monitor support
- Video line buffer / filter for highest quality output
- 24 bit / 192KHz audio DAC
- Flexible clock generator
- Small board size, fits in standard itx/atx case
- Lots of expansion for custom daughter boards or IO adapters (JAMMA for arcade cab use)
- Optional dual host USB with dedicated CPU for low latency
- Daughter board with Ethernet, fast USB and optional 68060 processor being designed
- Designed from the ground up to support multiple platforms (Amiga, Atari and others)

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