Silicon Dreams/VCF 2013 (UK tech show)

Date 29-Jun-2013 15:12:26
Topic: Events

Less than one week until the show on 5-7 July 2013 !
At the Snibston Discovery Museum, Ashby Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3LN.

The Saturday & Sunday are general days for the public, and it is when the Amiga area will be up and running.

Present will be members of Amiga North Thames, and we will have various Classic Amiga computers running classic games such as Stunt Car racer & multi-player Skidmarks on various tables. Alongside the Classic Amiga stuff, there will of course be new AmigaOS4.x machines running various bits & bobs. (Please click read more.)

AmigaKit and A-EON will be in attendance themselves, and will be there throughout the whole weekend selling & demonstrating products.

Event Website:

On a personal note: As Mikey C was too busy to post a reminder news item, I'm doing it on his behalf. As I've been too busy myself, I haven't been involved in the planning, and so I don't know if AROS or MOS will be represented (as originally hoped). I will post a comment, once I have found out.

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