AEROS for Raspberry Pi public Version available

Date 30-Jun-2013 20:02:48
Topic: News

As promised you can grab it from

It is based on beta 1 from a few weeks ago. The "Supporter"-Version comes with "lx"-command.

In order to give you still access to Linux stuff the following is also supported in the free Version: (Please click read more.)

- tint2 Taskbar allows accessing of Linux stuff (right click on it)
- Linux Windows are "hovering" above Wanderer. Just like Widgets on OS X.

Remember to try the "mouse wheel" feature on Window-title-bars. Very handy and makes window movement much faster.

From now on the public release will be 2 versions behind the "supporter Version".

I hope that I can add an ARM-based AresOne next week to

Next weekend I will upload beta3 which will then match AEROS for x86 r3.5 except for applications. I do try to give you what is also possible on PPC Linux. Sadly.. it's much less than what is possible on ARM.

The Screenshot shows r3.5 for x86. Next Raspberry Pi image will look similar except the Icon size which is already smaller by default. (Last native AROS Broadway introduced changeable Icon-sizes 48x48, 64x64 and 128x128 as shown on the screenshot)

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