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Date 1-Jul-2013 18:40:24
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The following articles have been added to the website of the French Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months :

- May/June 2013 news.
- Old articles from A-News 29 to 32: report: Comdex 1990, Hardware: ATonce, Report: Amiga '90 Köln, Review of TurboPrint Professional 1.0, Review of Indianapolis 500, Review of AmigaTex, Hardware: Station Multimedia, Interview with Gerard Bucas,...
- Interview with Wolf Dietrich (director of Phase 5, 1997).
- Hardware: Raspberry Pi.
- Report: Alchimie 111111.
- Review of MorphOS 3.2.... (Please click read more.)

- Review of Krypton Egg.
- Review of The Sentinel.
- Review of Benefactor.
- Comparison: some AmigaOS 68k patches (for CPU and disk).
- File: TRSI demo group (episode 1: the RSI period).
- File: models and IDs of PowerPC Macintosh (update).
- File: blockbusters on Amiga.
- Point of view: the future of the Amiga under Commodore UK (1994/1995).
- Tutorial: ProStation Audio (SMPTE synchronisation).
- Tutorial: installation of MorphOS.
- Tutorial: Imagine 3D (create dice).
- Special quiz about the CDTV.

Rendez-vous on for these and more fun and informative articles.
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