Hollywood 5.3 released & soon available again for purchase

Date 7-Jul-2013 22:35:22
Topic: Software News

Airsoft Softwair is happy to announce the immediate availability of Hollywood 5.3. Version 5.3 is a major update which includes several new features as well as important bug fixes. New functionality is introduced in the Android version which comes with a fully native Java-based GUI now, supports many new commands from the desktop versions and has hardware-accelerated scaling now. But also the desktop versions of Hollywood have improved with release 5.3. Here is a brief overview of new features in 5.3:

- major improvements in the Android version: Hollywood uses a native Java-based GUI now and supports many new commands from the desktop version now (new in v5.3 are support for requester functions, clipboard, running programs, etc.)
- intelligent new refresh technology that enhances performance on single-refresh based systems and with auto-scaled scripts
- accelerated file I/O in the Amiga version through the use of custom buffered I/O... (Please click read more.)

- Android version offers hardware-supported autoscaling now which leads to a great speed boost if supported by the device (use the Android options menu to enable autoscaling)
- support for multi-touch events and fixed orientation displays on Android
- displays can now be hidden from the taskbar (Win32)
- support for alphachannel copy & paste (Win32)
- functions for querying information about public screens and grabbing them to a brush (Amiga)
- support for 32bit mouse pointers on AROS
- new functions to deal with plugins from the script
- support for new IFF ANIM formats: ANIM7, ANIM8, ANIM16, and ANIM32 (both interlaced and standard IFF ANIM16 and IFF ANIM32 are supported; deinterlacing method can be configured)
- scripts can now be edited directly from the Amiga GUI
- support for subsong handling in plugins
- *.hwa files can be started directly from other apps in Android now (Hollywood acts as a viewer then)
- various other new features and bug fixes

A complete list of changes can be found in the history section of the documentation.

Hollywood 5.3 is a joint release of Hollywood for both desktop and mobile platforms. Users of the Android version can conveniently update to 5.3 via Google Play while users of the Amiga and Windows versions can download update archives (35 to 50 MB in size) free of charge from the official Hollywood portal.

Please note that Hollywood 5.3 is currently only available for existing customers and cannot be purchased at this time but here is some good news for all people planning to buy Hollywood: Both Hollywood and Hollywood Designer will soon be available for purchase from Airsoft Softwair again.

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