AEROS for Pi beta 3 available on SD-card

Date 9-Jul-2013 16:22:03
Topic: News

Yesterday i finished beta 3 of AEROS for Pi (a AROS hosted distribution based on debain (for now)). Upload for registered users is slowly progressing - will be ready today or at latest tomorrow.

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New in the beta 3 are:
Some new app with Icons and icons for already installed apps as follows:
Gimp 2.8 (yes i used it to make some icon on the pi... ; ) )
Audaciuos (Winamp like audio player)
Dillo (brower which starts instantly and is ok for Amiga releated websites)
Netsurf (better compatibility and somewhere between Dillo and Midori in terms of performance)
VLC (don't expect wonders! Remember to buy codecs from the raspberry guys on
DOSBOX (damn feels like on ATOM systems ; ) )
E-UAE (yes but no AROS68k yet - will follow with next version together with PUAE)
Leafpad (Text Editor, lightweight)
SCUMMVM + Beneath a stell sky + Flight of the Amazon queen
TUXPaint - nice painting app for kids with stamps and nice effects
and more...

Remember you can access everything mentioned above(and more) alternatively with a right click on the black task bar.

I found some applications to be very responsive and some which start instantly, even on a relative slow sd-card. If you know alternatives to some apps feel free to tell me those ; )

All in all AEROS for Pi (even if based on debian) is already quite leightweight.
Debian + AROS consume in total 68MB of RAM whereas 32MB of it are "reserved for AROS" which again shows 28MB free of 32MB which means in total AEROS need 40MB RAM ; ) Not bad. WICD Networkmangaer consumes 11MB of RAM and will be replaced with an better alternative.

Slitax is an good alternative to debian. The whole Linux part could be loaded into 30MB of RAM. This means everything being loaded to RAM and so no SD-banging.

To make it a bit user-friendly you can now access raspi-config via icon.
With this tool you can expand the partition to the whole free space on your sd-card and configure overscan and other Pi related things.

Linux windows have now the close icon on the left side as AROS apps.

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