ALERT! CommVEx 2013 moving to Jockey Room 1 in Plaza Hotel

Date 20-Jul-2013 0:27:32
Topic: Events

Today, another new Plaza Hotel contact, Kelly, informed me that due to technical issues it would be best that we change from Ballroom 8 to Jockey Room 1. I agreed, even though it is only 9 days to CommVEx. Jockey Room 1, a room that we have used in past CommVExes, is located at the bottom of the ramp to the third floor garage.

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Advantages of Jockey Room 1 -- easier to move hardware into the room due to its proximity to the garage and more visibility for passers-by to see the room. Disadvantage of Jockey Room 1 - a smaller room in comparison to Ballroom 8 or last year's Left Field Room at the sister hotel.

That being said, everything is still go for CommVEx. New for this year -- not one but two AmigaOne X1000s will be on exhibit. Also Retrogaming Radio will be hanging around and may broadcast from the show (if our wi-fi signal is strong enough).

The updates continue to come, and so, watch the website below or the forum at for the latest information.

Arriving in Las Vegas on Tuesday,
Robert Bernardo
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