ARES m1600 available now

Date 21-Jul-2013 23:44:01
Topic: hardware AROS

A new AROS compatible system is available at

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Small but still powerful enough for surfing, watching movies and playing games ... Ares Ares mini complements the available systems.
Thanks to its mini-ITX case it takes extremely little space and, thanks to the Nvidia GPU it is supported by AROS 3D System.

The base system comes with an AMD E350 M1 dual core. This circumstance makes the Ares mini a very efficient partner for Retro computing and High definition video.

Like the original AresOne even the small one is designed for AROS. * Every AROS distribution, can be used. By default, if no wishes are expressed, AEROS and IcAROS desktop(native) will be installed in their latest shape. AEROS is based (evolution wise) on Debian with a custom Kernel which uses AROS as desktopenvronment and integrates Wine .... long story short: you can access Linux / AROS, AmigaOS and Windows software.

Optional enhanced guarantee for 36 months costs 69 - standard guarantee is 12 months.

The "optional" guarantee covers no SSD's! Any other component would be protected against failures.

The base system is composed of:
- AMD E350 dualcore M1
- 250GB standard HD or 32GB SSD
- 2GB DDR3 RAM (supports up to 16GB) (additional 2GB RAM comes for ~17 - changes daily so better ask)
- DVD-Burner
- LAN / Audio / DVI / VGA
- Geforce G210 with 1GB DDR3 RAM
- 6xUSB2
- Case with power supply
- AMC and the new Game G.E.M.Z

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