Bounty to port DTP software Scribus to AmigaOS 4

Date 25-Jul-2013 4:08:37
Topic: Announcement

An ongoing issue with the mass acceptance of AmigaOS 4 is the lack of high end modern professional software applications. The Amiga's software library is impressively large, but most of the applications have not been updated or modernized. Some end users have paid for updates to software that have never come or have incomplete versions.

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A wealth of software exists in the open source world that uses the Qt framework. Qt is a cross-platform complete development framework with tools designed to streamline the creation of stunning native applications and amazing user interfaces for desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. Industry-Leading Application Development with One Framework Qt's cross-platform full framework and tools enables developers to target various desktop, embedded, mobile and real-time operating systems with one code base. Qt brings freedom to the developer saving development time, adding efficiency and ultimately shortening time to market.

DiscreetFX has setup a bounty to get the professional package Scibus ported to AmigaOS 4.

This modern powerful and easy to use Desktop Publishing software will help fill a needed gap in AmigaOS 4 software suite. DiscreetFX has placed $1000 in the bounty to get it started and will add $100 per month for the next 12 months to keep development interest going.

This is a pay for performance bounty meaning bounty payouts can be given before bounty is complete in four installments. If you can prove you have completed 25% of the work then 25% of the bounty will be paid to you. Completed 50% of the work get 50% of the bounty, and so on. After 12 months if no coder has contributed code to the Scribus Bounty it will self destruct.

We are impressed with Qt and envision it bringing many modern powerful productivity titles to AmigaOS 4. Scribus can be one of the first, but certainly not the last. This bounty is also available to MorphOS coders, but more work would be required since MorphOS does not have a port of the QT framework.

Qt Framework for AmigaOS 4:

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