New Amiga Products Dealer in France - Amedia Computer France

Date 30-Jul-2013 17:48:59
Topic: Announcement

Hi all,

After many months of discussion with my old Amiga friend, Lionel 'Braver' Thillot (old moderator of the Best French Amiga Forum Amiga Impact), we have decided to open our own computer shop in France where we sell Amiga products : Amedia Computer France

We have some products for Amiga classic and also some Amiga NG products:
- Joysticks, Accelerator cards ACA12cc/ACA6xx, Compact flash adapters, HxC internal floppy disk emulator, cable, Indivision ECS / AGA, Keyrah v2 interface, Keyboard / Mouse adapters, Minimig's board, ARM Controller, Crystal cases, VGA to Scart cable, Mist boards, AmigaOS 3.9 CD, Sam 460EX motherboards, AmigaOS 4.1 CD, Soon available too : FPGA Arcade boards ... (Please click read more.)

Availability of products is shown on the site and prices INCLUDE the French VAT (19,6%)

Our website has been translated into English for non-French users and we accept paypal as well as credit card or bank transfer payment PLUS we can send packages anywhere in the world.

Don't hesitate, take a look at our site!

If you want to contact us, there is no problem :
- Mail :
- Skype : Faranheit57
- MSN :
- Google talk :
- Or directly via our website contact's page

Thanks in advance for your support
Lionel 'Braver' et Laurent 'Faranheit'
Amedia Computer France

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