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Amiga Arena - the fire still burns! / 5 Anniversary preview

Date 18-Jul-2003 16:08:53
Topic: News

Amiga Arena - The fire still burns
5th Anniversary preview
In 1998 the cornerstorne for today's "Amiga Arena" was lain
with the goal of supporting the Amiga Freeware and Shareware market.
Starting out with a link list, at the end of 1998 Amiga Arena developed
into a insiders' tip for Shareware special offers.

Because of this unique concept numerous Shareware special offers have been made
In addition over the course of time the offerings have been expanded by
interviews (more than 100 to date)
and the release of registered Shareware programs.
All that could never have been possible wihtout the developers who supported me
from the outset as well as all the active users on the part of print
and online magazines and news sites.
My thanks go to all of them and many more whose mere enumeration would fall
short of their achievements.
To mark this occasion I will the past five years with all of their ups and
and complement them with Amiga Arena from the time.

But that is not all!
Withing the dource of the "Amiga Arena Anniversary Weeks" there will be
numerous specials
with many developers and companies.
Sweepstakes, special prices as well as vouchers will be carried out
individually with the respective developers/companies.
Thus you don't only have the chance to participate several times but can also
take part in specific specials!
So it's worth regularly visiting the news sites and Amiga Arena,
as these specials will be short-lived as a rule!
Naturally we don't yet diclose which specials there will be in particular but,
as anticipation is the best enjoyment, you can make your own rough picture of
what awaits you from the list of participants.

Summer will be hot - the fire still burns!

- AmiAtlas Team
- Amiga Future
- AMIGAplus
- Airsoftsoftwair
- Apex-Designs
- e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh
- Funtime World
- Hyperion Entertainment
- Inutilis Imperium
- KDH Datentechnik

Gutmann, Steffen (MuiBase)
Hodges, Chris (Poseidon USB)
Dröge, Sven (Bonds)
Hoffman, Helmut (PhotoAlbum/CyberShow)
Kahn, Bert (WHDLoad)
Kimna, Christoph (PairsNG)
Kost, Stefan (SoundFX)
Unger, Thomas (The Kickstart Archives)

In the run-up to thsi I would like to point out that it can't be taken for
granted that developers and companies provide their products for these specials.
I would like to again thank all participants for their willingness
to partake in the Amiga Arena anniversary special.
I'm hoping that you, the Amiga fans, will make ample use of the coming specials
resp. take part in them, not only to show to me that five years of Amiga Arena
have made sense but also to the developers/companies that their work still finds

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