HollyPaint updated to 1.1

Date 4-Aug-2013 14:44:10
Topic: Software News

HollyPaint is a simple paint application. It's written in the Hollywood programming language. Because of the MUIRoyale plug-in it has a MUI interface.

Additional to some fundamental drawing functions it has an interface to all Hollywood filters like "Sepia-tone", Blur", "Gray" etc... (Please click read more.)

It can be downloaded from:
It contains binaries for AROS, AmigaOS3+4, and MorphOS, although its author could only test the AROS version.

It's an Open Source project with BSD license.
Sourceforge project page:
The documentation in the Wiki of that site will be updated soon.

Screenshots: (click images for full size)

* Rebuilt with Hollywood 5.3
* Fixed issues with running stable under AROS, Morphos and AmigaOS4
* Colorwheel with alpha sliders in own window
* Individual setting of color for gradient, shadow and edge
* Made toolbar window resizable
* Loading and saving of transparent brushes
* Implemented remaining filters
* Implemented Arc tool
* Added command line options -v (verbose) and -vv (very verbose) for debug output
* New brush functions:
- Trim brush (cuts off transparent areas)
- Invert brush
- Invert mask
- Invert alpha
- Replace Background by Pen color
- Replace Pen by Background color
- Copy Canvas: creates a brush from whole canvas
- Put Back: place brush at given coordinates
- Implemented reverting of brush
* Print hotspot offset in brush information window.
* User borderless display. This makes it possible to load pictures with the same resolution as the screen.
* Print the size of the picture if it is too large to be opened.
* Added a checkmark to the status bar which shows if a brush is active.
* Use checkmark instead of text objects to show mask and alpha state.

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