Bed Games 1: Carola available for MorphOS&AmigaOS3.9

Date 14-Aug-2013 20:22:54
Topic: Software News

The classic game of rock, paper and scissors in a review programmed with Hollywood with the incentive to try to gain Carola and all her pledges before she wins you.

This "Final Version" has new graphics and great quality pictures of Carola, new sounds, new accuracy in the help menu, new graphics for your lives. Do you accept the challenge of trying to undress Carola? (Please click read more.)

This game is portable and it does not need installation, you can play from an USB stick, Pendrive, etc.

Warning: this game has sounds with explicit sexual content, please don't download it, if that could possibly offend you.

Improvements from this new version:
Compiled with the lastest Hollywood 5.3.
New graphics for the hands.
New sounds.
New pictures.
An 'only play' mode.
New versions for MorphOS and AmigaOS3.9.

Download from:
Also available for AmigaOS4 and Windows.

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