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Date 28-Aug-2013 11:20:13
Topic: Hardware News

Hi Everybody,

Since times are difficult for everyone, at Amedia Computer France, we have decided to offer you a great promotion on all our Amiga products in our webshop !

In order to ease your purchases, from today to the 15th of September, we propose a direct discount of 5% throughout our entire catalog (except the FPGA Arcade board and its two accessories) !
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In order to benefit from this great promotion, you simply select the product(s) you want on Our Website and at the basket validation step, enter the following promotion code : 'rentree' (without accent and in lowercase only).

You can also send us an e-mail at or with 'rentree' in the subject and the product you want in the e-mail and we'll send you a full proposition

With this offer, you will be able to grab a Complete Super Minimig V3 at only 369.55 euros, or a Complete Mist Configuration at 242.25 euros, a Complete Sam460ex Advance at only 949.05 euros or the M.A.C.E. CDRom at 25.55 euros !

N.B. : all prices include French VAT (19,6%) and exclude shipping costs.

Don't hesitate and make your Amiga shopping right now !

Thanks and enjoy your Amiga Retail Therapy !
Lionel and Laurent
Amedia Computer France

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