SketchBlock 2.2

Date 29-Aug-2013 17:50:04
Topic: software OS4

I'm pleased to announce SketchBlock 2.2
Get it from: os4depot

Major Changes In SketchBlock 2.2
Selection Masks- It's now possible to mark areas of the image as selected and use these areas as mask for painting, etc. There four new tools to assist with this.

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Rectangle Select - drag with mouse, press space bar to select.
Elipse Select - drag with mouse, press space bar to select.
Flood Select
Colour Select

It's also possible to create a selection mask from the alpha channel of a layer....

Layer Thumbnails
There now a thumbnail in the layers list.

Transform Plugins
Pixel transforms are now true plugins. Also added SaturationAdjust and GradientFill, RadialFill, and Ripples filters.

New Toolbar Images
Martin "Mason" Mertz has contributed some great new toolbar images and a splash logo. Thanks Mason!

Macro Recording
All (well nearly all) actions can be recorded into a macro, which can then be run or edited as needed.

Some bug fixes
See the changelog for details.


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