AEROS for Pi beta4 new "stable" ABI

Date 1-Sep-2013 21:54:06
Topic: software AROS


I am right now uploading beta 4 based on Deadwood's stable ARM ABI.
The ARM AROS builds were a kind of "ABI work in Progress". This fact hindered the possibility to aim for the AROS ARM build as developer.

Now we/ you and everyone can start porting apps to AROS for ARM.
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Registered users can check in about 3 hours.
Everyone else should check tomorrow for the public version. (It's still uploading).

Due to some failures (my stupidity) it is not rc1, but a beta4.

New in beta4:
- based on stable ARMhf ABI from Deadwood
Includes Contrib stuff like:
DEMOS, GAMES, Wazp3D, OWB (the old version and not tested/buggy), Screenrecorder, DOPUS (not Magellan).
Deadwood compiled lx for ARMhf so launching Linux stuff from AROS side is working as before. It lacks a lot of Linux applications from the last release. Feel free to use synaptic/aptitude/apt get.

I had trouble because of Linux case sensitive FS
Stupidity... next release will look more consistent (AEROS icons).

Today I got a first preview of Directory OPUS Magellan for ARM. If it works I will add it to the next release (next weekend). At the same time I donated again money to the Magellan bounty as a thank you.

Please try tomorrow:

Both, the public and the version for registered users, contain a cross compiler package for i586 put together by deadwood. I will upload it tomorrow as a separate package. Happy porting.

Please post bugs and failures.

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