Amiga Future Everywhere riddles

Date 12-Sep-2013 15:48:37
Topic: News

As with every issue, I have also updated the issue index.
In the issue index all articles of the Amiga Future issue are listed.

While doing this, I noticed a clerical mistake that had been made by one of the editors.
In two screenshots you can see the Everywhere Projekt (Phase 1) at beta test!

Who has also noticed it?
Send me an email with the page number and the exact place where this is seen... (Please click 'Read more.')

Please send your guesses to: You have until September 20th to submit your guess.

You can win a half-year subscription to Amiga Future.

Everyone associated with the production of the magazine: Amiga Future Everywhere testers, programmers, Illustrators, musicians and company, are not eligible to participate, of course.

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