Yet Another SketchBlock Update

Date 13-Sep-2013 13:37:15
Topic: software OS4

SketchBlock 2.3 is up on

.download page

This update features some important optimisiations and GUIs for existing rexx based functionailty such as gradient fill.

Major Changes In SketchBlock 2.3... (Please click 'Read more')

Selection Masks -
Some optimisation of the selection process, speed up of up to 30%.

Transform Plugin GUIs -
Added ProAction GUIs for the GradientFill and RadialFill plugins.

Macro Recording -
Completely reworked macro recording. Can now output Rexx or Python code. Can output Wedge events, can output timestamps as comments in the code, also notes external scripts called in the comments.

Internal text creation -
Text creation no longer requires an external helper command,the freetype code has been moved in to the main executable. Resulting in substantial speedups. The maketext.rexx script has been adapted (and much simplified) to take advantage of this.

Improved anti-aliasing of paths fills -
By scanning in both the x and y axes and combining the results smooth anti-aliasing of path fills is now performed, without the need for oversampling. This contributes to further improvements in the rendering of text.

Splash screen on startup -
A splash screen with loading progress bar is displayed at program startup.

Some bug fixes -
See the changelog for details

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