New EasyNet Update Available

Date 15-Sep-2013 18:00:23
Topic: Software News

The new version of EasyNet is now available to download from the EasyNet Live Update server or as the EasyNet Update Disk for existing customers.

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Version 0.177 adds the following features:

- Wireless Network Scanning (prism2 v2.5 driver required)
- Network device querying - EasyNet reports network card's MAC address
- Added support for two new network devices: x-Surf-100.device and plipbox.device
- New settings configuration for the X-Surf 100 network card

EasyNet is bundled free with all our X-Surf 100 network cards so you can get started straight away.

Many thanks to Neil Cafferkey for his assistance in implementing this new feature in EasyNet.

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