Codename Synergy - a multi-os app store

Date 25-Sep-2013 17:51:23
Topic: News

Some may know AROS Broadway and AEROS. Broadway haven't gotten any updates for quite some time and the iso is now gone, as well. The thing is, I really wish to reach 1.0 status as defined in my roadmap from 2009.

2 things are missing:
A better workbench
An appstore (called app browser in the past)

It took a while but with Magellan and our appstore (still nameless, maybe synergy or app-browser, Broadway Boulevard .....) things will change quickly... (Please click 'Read more')

Some details about the app store:
- uses virtual currency called amicoins (can be bought in form of code-cards from a participating Dealer, codes via email) Paypal is not necessary but is possible.
- Amicoins can be donated to developers
- Client will be available for different platforms as AmigaOS, AROS, MorphOS, Windows, OsX, Linux, indieGO!
- registered developers can upload software on their own
- users can alert if there is anything wrong with an app legally
- hosting is for free
- service fee is 25% of app price normally, but can be discussed per developer -

Customers of of AMC and Gemz will get a little cashback in form of Amicoins.
Interested Developers can contact me, else I will contact you

Release date:
Asap in 2013, also because Broadway and AEROS will be only available through the app browser client.

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