Last day to nominate developers for the first AmiWest Developer Award

Date 30-Sep-2013 22:21:45
Topic: Announcement

Hi All,

Today is the last day to submit names of developers to be included in the AmiWest Developer Award program.

The plan is to open up the Internet voting Oct. 1st to select to the top 5 folks. Those top 5 will be then voted on at the AmiWest 2013 to decide the top developer. The rules are simple, just visit the AmiWest Developer Award page and fill out the form.

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Here is the current list of developers:

First_Name Last_Name
Andreas Falkenhahn
Paul Sadlik
Steven Solie
Fabien Coeurjoly
Olaf Barthel
Frank Menzel
Simon Archer
Simone Bevilacqua
Andy Broad
Joakim Nordstru
Bill Eaves
Chris Young
Hugues Nouvel
Alfkil Wennermark
Richard Lake
Thomas Wenzel
Lyle Hazelwood
Chris Handley
Hugues Nouvel
Berth Jahn
Guillaume Boesel
Pavel Fedin
Thomas Claus
Sebastian Bauer
Ventzislav Tzetkov
Edgar Schwan
Stephan Feliner
Daniel Jedicka
Gregorz Kraszew
Frank Wille
Thomas Frieden
Toni Wilen
Pawel Stefanski
Chris Raynor
Jim Neray
Boing Attitude
Gilles Pelletier

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

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