Jim Drew opens website + info on SuperCard Pro

Date 1-Oct-2013 7:04:19
Topic: Hardware News

Jim Drew, veteran programmer and hardware developer, has opened up his new website-- http://www.cbmstuff.com

Still a work in progress, his website right now offers the SX-64 Ultra Reset and the much-awaited SuperCard Professional, touted to be better than a Kryoflux board at reading/copying and writing floppy disks from virtually any computer platform. Here are the final specifications of SuperCard Pro -- (Please click 'Read more')

CPU: 40 MIPS (PIC24HJ256GP210A)
RAM: 512K STATIC, 55ns
USB: FTDI 240X FIFO, Full Speed
SERIAL: Dual RS232 ports, one full or half duplex, one half duplex
FLOPPY: 34 pin standard PC floppy interface, fully bi-directional
SD-CARD: Micro SD card slot (1GB or larger cards)
POWER: USB can power 3.5" drive directly, external power supply required for 5.25" drives
MISC.: Future expansion port for IEC interface, future cycle exact 1541 drive emulator, possible SD2IEC.
SOFTWARE: disk copier/imager and analyzer software compatible with Win95-Win8.1

On the waiting list for a SC Pro,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
The Other Group of Amigoids
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network

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