Photos and Videos from Saku 2013

Date 3-Oct-2013 21:14:50
Topic: Events

The largest Amiga event held in Finland in over 10 years was a success with more than 200 visitors in attendance. You will find photos and videos on the Saku 2013 EventPpage.

Saku 2013 presented a great variety of both new and old Amiga and Commodore related machines. For example, here is a partial list of just some of the machines shown: several A600 and A1200 computers, A4000T, CDTV, CD32/SX-1/FMV, DraCo Vision, AmigaOne X1000, SAM440ep, Power Mac G5, PowerBook G4, Mac mini G4, AROS PC, Raspberry Pi with AROS, Turbo Chameleon with Amiga core, Minimig, several C64 systems, SX-64, C128D with audio equipment, VC-20, Plus/4, PET 2001 and KIM-1.... (Please click 'Read more')

The Deathbed Vigil, MindCandy 2 and a video report of the Saku '98 event were shown on a big screen in the auditorium. Finnish Amiga retailer Gentle Eye had lots of stuff for sale, the Finnish Amiga Users Group was selling mouse-mats, t-shirts and stickers with its new "AMIGAAA!" logo and Skrolli magazine had its own stand. There was also a multi-player competition on Stunt Car Racer. The best players were awarded with comic books about the gaming industry, Chris Huelsbeck's Turrican Anthology downloads, Allister Brimble's Amiga Works CD+USB, new Skrolli magazines, signed posters from A-EON and other fun loot!

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