V.A.M.P. 1.00

Date 5-Oct-2013 19:25:57
Topic: Software News

V.A.M.P. (Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player,) is a video and sound player, programmed with Hollywood™ -- an Amiga™'s cross-programming language which makes executables for several operative systems and computers.
The main V.A.M.P. characteristic, is currently available for download to four operating systems, it will also be ported for other systems in the future if there are people interested in testing and using it. (So please, let us have your feedback and critique!)
This new version for all Amiga systems, V.A.M.P. 1.00 plays videos, animations, songs, sounds and shows images using Hollywood plugins and datatypes.... (Please click 'Read more')

This new version has fixed some bugs which occurred when loading and handling images.
Available at our site: www.vamp.pm

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