Voting open for AmiWest Developer Award

Date 8-Oct-2013 11:58:23
Topic: News

Hello Amiga Community,

We are pleased to present the survey form to select 5 Amiga developers from the nominated group to move on to the next level. The list came from folks visiting the AmiWest page and putting forward names of developers who have released or updated software since last years AmiWest show.... (Please click 'Read more')

Just click this link and select 5 developers or OS team from the list. The form allows you to rate your selection 1 to 5. Be sure that rank 1 should be your first pick in case we have a tie.

The top five selections will be presented at the banquet Saturday night for a vote to see who will be chosen for the award.

Happy voting!

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

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